Mac Miller – GO:OD AM


This time two years ago Mac Miller was on top of the world. With a MTV reality TV show funding his music making addiction, among other ones, the future was bright and prosperous. Unsurprisingly, most fans were more interested in what turns he would take musically. The more commercial route was clearly laid out for him in the beginning but he cast that aside, as well as his TV show, in favour of producing quality music in the manner he chooses. With GO:OD AM he has released his best and certainly his most consistent work so far.

The lighter and more upbeat tone to the album suggests that Mac is in a happier place mentally and physically than he was two years ago. Good AM is a far cry from his last work, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, which featured a drug addled Mac exploring topics like humanity & mortality. As interesting and introspective as that record was, this one gives the impression that he is more comfortable in his own skin.

His issues with drugs are addressed directly on Perfect Circle/God Speed. It is a candid and brutally honest look at a once troubled artist, who thankfully has shaken this slump and come out better because of it. The whole album can be summed up with the theme of the song and that is redemption. Mac does his best to inspire the same vitality in the listener that he has recently discovered, a refreshing trait to see in someone with such wide reach and appeal.

GO:OD am is the sound of an artist who has evolved and grown. Whether it’s in terms of lyrics, delivery or general confidence, Mac has come a long way. He is a true hip hop artist, but with pop sensibilities that allow him to carry melodies and deliver better hooks than many of his tone deaf peers who use voice altering software like it’s going out of fashion. The consistency maintained over the course of 17 tracks makes this Mac’s most cohesive project yet. Maybe a clear and sober head might actually be good for songwriting, despite what history has showed us several times in the past.

-Ross Logan


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