Artist of the Month: Ez Craven


Hailing from Limerick, rapper Ez Craven and his brother Paulie PunchEz together make Brotherz Grimm. Two of the few Irish hip hop artists who sound like they belong in Wu Tang Clan rather than Blazin Squad. Ez together with his brother who produces all the music, have created a grimy, classic Irish hip hop sound. Check out his latest video ‘Disgusting and Despicable’:

The two artists have completed their solo albums (Ez- Class A Narcotics, Paulie – Kaos of the Brain) and are just waiting for artwork to be finished before they release them. With a double album also in the works, it’s clear that neither artist is afraid of a bit of hard work and are set to take take the Irish hip hop scene over with a nostalgic yet refreshing sound.

While we wait for the album releases, check out Brotherz Grimm album, ‘Death Collectors’ here:


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